North Yard Comminuty Trust
Fast Track Community Grant Application Form

A decision will usually be made within 4 weeks of applying (subject to the receipt of all documentation)

Section A - Contact Details
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Legal Structure 
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Section B - Your Activity
Your Organisation
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Project Activity
Project Name 
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Project Need
How do you know there is a need for your project?
Project Timing
When will your project start? How long will it last? Is this a pilot project?
Project Delivery
How will your activity be delivered?
Project Outcomes
What will the outcome of this grant be on the beneficiaries you are supporting?
Section C - Targeting
Who is the activity targeted at? (Select all that apply.)
Under 18 
Resident of:
St Budeaux/Kings Tamerton 
Barne Barton 
Weston Mill 
How many people will benefit from this grant?
Section D - Project Cost
Total cost of Project 
Amount requested from NYCT 
Cost Breakdown
Please state what you will spend the money from this grant on. You will need to list each item and cost separately. Please send copies of any quotes
Section E - Bank details
Do you have a bank account?  Yes

Your group or organisation must have a bank account. We cannot pay grants into personal bank accounts
Bank Name 
Account Name 
Account Number 
Sort Code 
If we fund your project we will require a brief evaluation from you on the impact that your project has had on your local community; to include photographs and case studies.

We will send you an evaluation form on completion of your project
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